Dental Plan
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Designed to encourage you and your covered dependents to maintain a regular program of dental care:
MetLife Dental
MetLife is Assurant’s Dental Plan provider with an expanded network of dentists. You can choose to stay within the network or go outside the network each time you seek dental care. Visit MetLife at or call 800.942.0854 to find a dentist, view claims or download an ID card. You won’t need an ID card or need to do anything other than tell your dentist you have MetLife insurance, but may print one on the website.

The following chart shows how the Plan shares costs with you for certain types of services and procedures. Expenses eligible for out-of-network dental care are subject to reasonable and customary limits.

 What the Plan pays
  Preventive and diagnostic services1100%100%
  Basic services80%70%
  Major services50%40%
  Orthodontic services150%50%
 What you pay
Annual Deductible (individual/family)2$50/$100$75/$150
  Preventive and diagnostic services0%0%
  Basic services20%30%
  Major services50%60%
  Orthodontic services150%50%
Dental Plan Maximums (combined in- and out-of-network)
  Preventive, diagnostic, basic and major services$1,500/person per year
  Orthodontic services$1,000/person lifetime maximum
  Temporomandibular joint disease$1,000/person lifetime maximum

1. The deductible does not apply to preventive and diagnostic care or to orthodontic services. Coverage for orthodontic services applies to both adults and children.
2. "Family" includes Employee & Spouse/Domestic Partner, Employee & Child(ren), and Employee & Family.