Flexible Spending Account Contributions
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Learn about FSA tax savings and contribution limits:
Health Care FSA

If you participate in the Health Care FSA, while there is no minimum annual contribution for 2020, the maximum annual contribution is $2,700. If you are enrolled in an Assurant Health Plan, review the Learning About Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) to see the difference between a General Purpose FSA and a Limited Purpose FSA.

Dependent Day Care FSA

If you participate in the Dependent Day Care FSA, while there are no minimums, the maximum annual contribution is $5,000 (including any tax-deferred contributions your spouse/domestic partner makes to a Dependent Day Care FSA through his/her employer). If you are married and file separate tax returns, the maximum is $2,500.

If your 2019 W-2 earnings with Assurant are expected to reach $125,000 or more, please be aware that your election may be reduced early next year due to IRS regulations. The regulations limit contributions from employees earning over a certain threshold to ensure that they do not receive a disproportionate tax benefit. Consult with a tax adviser for more information.