Health Plan Cost Estimator Tool

Health Plan Examples

Choosing the coverage most appropriate for your own situation is your responsibility. Before you make your decisions, think about what your health care needs might be for the plan year or coverage period for which you’re enrolling, then review the estimated lowest cost plan scenario(s). When you consider the cost of the various options, remember that the per-paycheck deduction is just one factor. Your out-of-pocket costs (what you pay at the time you receive health care), tax-advantaged accounts, personal preferences and finances are all important considerations.

  • Follow the steps below, locate the scenario(s) that may be similar to your own and see estimated total costs under each of the options.
  • Understand the assumptions at the bottom of this page prior to reviewing the estimated total costs under each of the health plans.

The following scenarios include estimated costs and are intended only for illustrative purposes.

Step 1
Select the coverage scenario closest to your needs.
I intend to cover:
Step 2
Make a best guest about how much you'll use health care services.
Step 3
Review the estimated costs you can expect to pay under each of the Health Plans.
Coverage Level:
Health Care Usage:

 Blue Plan with HRAGreen Plan with HSAOrange Plan with HSA

Annual Payroll Deduction:

(includes Tobacco-Free Health Credit)

Out-of-pocket Costs   
Total Annual Out-of-Pocket Cost
(not including payroll deduction):
Company Contribution to HRA or HSA:   
Net Employee Cost:   

Below are assumptions you may want to keep in mind as you review the estimated total costs under each of the health plan options.

  • All claims are assumed to be incurred in-network. (94% of current Assurant claims are in-network.)
  • All preventive medications are assumed to be generic preventive medications (deductible waived and no cost to members).
  • For all tiers other than Employee-only, the following apply:
    • The Blue and Green plans require that the entire family deductible be met by one family member or a combination of family members before the plan pays benefits.
    • Meanwhile, the Orange plan allows each member of the family to have benefits paid once they have met the individual deductible and prior to meeting the entire amount of the family deductible.
  • All medical claims are processed prior to Rx claims.
  • All contributions shown are based on full-time rates and include the Tobacco-Free Health Credit.
  • All Net Employee Cost amounts do not take into account any taxes incurred when insuring a domestic partner and/or a domestic partner's child.