Adoption and Surrogacy Assistance

To support you in growing your family through adoption and surrogacy, Assurant has partnered with WINFertility (WIN), a recognized leader in managing family-building benefits. WIN provides specialized advocacy and support for fertility, adoption and surrogacy options.

Employees may receive up to $20,000 total financial assistance for costs associated with qualifying adoption and/or surrogacy services. 

Please refer to the policy and the Health and Welfare Plan Description for more information. 

Adoption assistance:
If you’re looking to adopt a child, WINFertility (WIN) provides support and care throughout your adoption journey including adoption education and claim processing.

Surrogacy assistance:
If you’re interested in surrogacy, WIN can direct you to one of the several surrogacy agencies in the WIN's network. Each WIN surrogacy agency offers a full range of services and you'll receive pre-negotiated discounts when you use one of WIN’s participating agencies. These agencies have been selected based on their professionalism, compliance, and quality measures. Only credentialed agencies with 10+ years of experience who assist with more than 100 surrogacy births per year participate in WIN’s network.

Benefits will not be provided under the program for an Assurant employee or spouse/domestic partner acting as a surrogate to another family who is not covered under the Assurant health plan. Under this scenario, neither the intended child or services related to the pregnancy are covered under the Assurant health plan.

Enrollment and Reimbursement Process
Eligible Assurant employees that are seeking to utilize the adoption/surrogacy services under this benefit must contact WINFertility. WINFertility’s specialty care associates will help guide you through the enrollment process. You will receive a written notification from WINFertility confirming your eligibility for adoption/surrogacy services under this benefit once you've completed the process. You don't need to be enrolled in the Assurant health plan to receive this benefit. Submit your request for reimbursement to WINFertility within 90 days from the date the services are legally finalized. Your reimbursement will be paid to you through Assurant payroll within one to two pay periods of receipt of your completed and approved request from WINfertility.

For more information about Adoption and Surrogacy Benefits, contact WINFertility at 1-866-227-2690 or visit

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WINFertility Service Team Members are available Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 7:30 PM ET.