Live Well

Helping our employees thrive is an important part of The Assurant Way culture. That’s why we strive to create an environment that fosters holistic wellbeing. At Assurant, we’re committed to helping our employees to live well today and plan for tomorrow. We offer programs, tools and resources to enhance your individual and our collective wellbeing. It's all about receiving the support you need to be your best self.  

We recognize that wellbeing means different things to different people, so we focus on four key areas: physical, emotional, financial, and social. In the end, all aspects of wellbeing are connected. Watch this 2-minute Live Well video and see descriptions below to learn more about how we think of the pillars.

Click on each wellbeing pillar for available resources.

Assurant helps you to live well with resources to support your physical, emotional, financial and social wellbeing.

  • Physical

    Your body and physical environment.
  • Emotional

    Your mind and balance.
  • Financial

    Your money: your current financial obligations and preparedness for your financial future.
  • Social

    Your involvement with other people and your communities around you.
  • Live Well Pillars


    Take charge of your wellbeing with this personalized, interactive experience that can help you make positive lifestyle changes.
  • Live Well Pillars

    Live Well At-a-Glance

    View the Live Well at-a-glance PDF that lists benefits, programs and vendor partners supporting your wellbeing journey.