Back-Up Care and Virtual Tutoring

Sometimes, your dependent’s regular day care falls through. Assurant has teamed up with Bright Horizons to provide back-up care when you’re in a bind. Assurant will subsidize up to seven days per year for care of your dependent children or dependent adults (such as a parent, in-law or grandparent) through Bright Horizons’ national network of qualified facilities and caregivers.

Virtual Tutoring

Employees will be able to exchange each back-up care use for up to four (4) hours of one-on-one tutoring by highly qualified tutors.

  • Tutoring is available to children ages 5 – 18.
  • You can schedule tutoring in 1-hour increments based on your child's needs.
  • Help is available for 300+ subjects, including access to a math or reading expert who can identify areas of opportunity and help your child excel.
  • The copay for virtual tutoring is $15 for every four hours of tutoring due to the Assurant subsidy.
  • You can reserve tutors (via virtual sessions) through your Bright Horizons Back-Up Care account.

You will need to register to access these benefits. Visit To get started, use assurant (lowercase) as the employer username and Assurant123 as a password (case sensitive). Then you’ll set up a unique username and password and complete an online profile. Explore the site to see available care providers in your area and learn how back-up care works. You can also call 1-877-BH-CARES (242-2737) for more information. Customer service is available 24/7.