Live Well Pillars


MyWellbeing, powered by Limeade, is the personalized interactive experience component to our overall Live Well efforts that can help you make positive lifestyle changes and reach your wellbeing goals. You are able to:

  • Improve or maintain your healthy habits, challenge yourself or other employees to do better.
  • Track the points you’ve earned and see your total potential rewards.
  • Take your Wellbeing Assessment.
  • Complete your health screening and participate in coaching with Aduro.
  • Connect your device to track your physical activity.

Download the Limeade ONE app on your phone to take MyWellbeing with you on the go!

Preventive care covered at 100% in-network

Regular health checkups and tests are important in helping you get and stay healthy. Why? Many health problems don't have any warning signs. Some tests can help you catch problems early on and even save your life. Having preventive screenings and talking with your doctor about your risks for certain conditions can be valuable steps to feeling better and living longer.

As part of Assurant's health plan, all in-network preventive care is covered at 100 percent for you and your covered dependents when you go to a participating network provider, facility or pharmacy.

The Assurant health plan encourages you and your family to get the preventive services that are appropriate for your age, gender, and other risk factors such as family medical history by covering routine preventive services.

Click here to learn more. 

Anthem Health Guide for health plan enrollees

We're making health care easier for you. Get personalized support from Anthem Health Guides - the dedicated concierge team at Anthem for Assurant health plan members. This team of experts can simplify your experience by helping you navigate your care and get the most out of your benefits.  

Connect with an Anthem Health Guide if you want help to:

  • stay on top of exams, tests or preventive screenings
  • schedule doctors appointments
  • compare costs for services
  • find in-network doctors
  • understand what's covered under your plan
  • much more!

Call or live-chat with an Anthem Health Guide Monday - Friday from 6:00 a.m - 9:00 p.m ET.

  • 1-855-285-4212 
  • Go to under My Health Dashboards > Programs > Anthem Health Guide tab.

    Future Moms for health plan enrollees

    Expecting? Congratulations! Your personal pregnancy nurse is here to help you have a healthy pregnancy every step of the way.

    Your nurse care manager will help you prevent conditions like low birth weight, discuss your potential risks, and provide advice on reducing pregnancy-related medical complications. You are also supported by pharmacists, registered dieticians, behavioral health specialists and medical doctors.

    • 1-877-875-9089
    • Go to under My Health Dashboards > Programs > Anthem Health Guide tab.

    Blue Distinction for health plan enrollees

    When you face a major health problem, you want expert care from doctors and hospitals. The fact is there are often differences in the quality of care you get from the hospital you choose. So finding the right hospital can be hard. That’s why we’re giving you access to Blue Distinction Centers.

    Use a facility that has demonstrated expertise in complex medical needs: bariatric surgery, cardiac care, complex and rare cancer, knee/hip replacements, spine surgery and transplants.

    Care Management for health plan enrollees

    Have an ongoing condition that puts you at risk for health complications? We know managing it isn't always easy, so Anthem is there to help. The program is designed for those struggling with a chronic condition. Your personal nurse care manager will work with your doctor to help you follow your health care plan.

    You will receive support, tools and information to help you care for your condition and feel better, including 24/7 access to a nurse care manager to answer your questions.

    • 1-877-875-9089
    • Go to under My Health Dashboards > Programs > Anthem Health Guide tab.

    24/7 NurseLine for health plan enrollees

    Health issues can crop up any time, anywhere. And sometimes all you want is advice on what to do next. Whether you're concerned about a fever, surgery care or medication side effects, a knowledgeable nurse is here to guide you through the next steps.

    Receive instant guidance around the clock from a registered nurse, potentially saving a costly clinic trip. Your nurse can also help you find local providers, enroll you in health management programs and remind you about scheduling important screenings and checkups.

    • 1-800-700-9184
    • Go to under My Health Dashboards > Programs > Anthem Health Guide tab.

    AIM Specialty Health Solutions (AIM) for health plan enrollees

    AIM promotes appropriate, safe, and affordable health care. AIM helps improve the quality of care and reduces your costs for some of the most complex tests and treatments. Call AIM for assistance with high-tech radiology exams, musculoskeletal and pain management solutions, and sleep apnea testing and treatment.

    LiveHealth Online

    It is convenient, time-saving access to care using your smartphone, tablet, or computer in the comfort of your home or on the go. Through live video in the privacy and comfort of your home, see a board-certified doctor 24/7 who can send prescriptions, if needed, and potentially save you money by avoiding more frequent visits to higher-priced places of care. Just sign up, log in at your scheduled time, and start your video chat.

    Fees apply, though if you are enrolled in the Assurant health plan, costs are applied to your deductible and coinsurance.

    LiveHealth Online (Lactation Consultation)

    Convenient, time-saving access to a specialist using your smartphone, tablet or computer in the comfort of your home. Speak with a lactation specialist for guidance through your breastfeeding challenges. You'll be able to set your own appointment and choose a consultant based on their profile. Consultants can discuss your concerns and provide personalized advice.

    Fees apply, though if you are enrolled in the Assurant health plan, costs are applied to your deductible and coinsurance.

    Autism Spectrum Disorder Program for health plan enrollees

    This autism support program focuses on the entire family, creating a strong system of care for family members anywhere on the autism spectrum.

    Case managers will guide you in navigating the complex healthcare system and addressing the unique challenges of your situation. A customized care plan helps to identify available services, secure access to care that may be missing, and facilitate collaboration between healthcare providers.

    Connect with your support team to receive support, knowledge and resources for your whole family. Click here to learn more about the Autism Support Program.

    • 1-844-269-0538
    • Go to under My Health Dashboards > Programs > Anthem Health Guide tab.

    ConsumerMedical medical decision support for health plan enrollees

    ConsumerMedical is a valuable decision support service offered at no cost to all employees and family members enrolled in the Assurant health plan. This service can help you make more informed medical decisions and get better care. Think of them as your Medical Ally - a team of experts including doctors and nurses - to help you make sense of it all. They can help you understand your diagnosis and all treatment options, find the right doctor or hospital for your needs, check credentials for your current doctor, get a second opinion if you need one, and even help you cope with having a medical condition.

    Call a ConsumerMedical nurse or visit

    • 1-888-361-3944
    • Go to under My Health Dashboards > Programs > ConsumerMedical tab.

    WINFertility - Family planning support for health plan enrollees

    To support you in growing your family, Assurant has partnered with WINFertility (WIN), a recognized leader in managing family-building benefits. WIN provides specialized advocacy and support for fertility, adoption and surrogacy options.

    Fertility Support

    WIN provides support and care throughout your fertility journey with:

      • 24/7 access to specially trained nurse care managers who can answer your questions, help you find doctors, and listen to your concerns
      • Referrals to local, high-quality reproductive endocrinologists from Anthem's network
      • Authorizations for outpatient and in-office infertility services
      • An individualized care plan with treatment recommendations based on your risk level and the success rate of options available to you
      • Information about the causes of infertility, different treatments and medications, and finding the right doctor for your needs
      • Support and guidance throughout the process

        There is a combined $30,000 medical and prescription drug lifetime maximum benefit for infertility treatment. Precertification of these services is required to receive the benefit. 

        For information about the adoption and surrogacy benefits, click here.

        WW (Weight Watchers Reimagined)

        Assurant is committed to helping you reach your wellbeing goals—to lose weight, eat healthier, move more, develop a more positive mindset, or all of the above—by offering automated, discounted pricing on WW memberships. You don't need to be enrolled in the Assurant health plan to join.

        Already a WW member? You can sync your current WW account to get the Assurant discount. Click the link below to join!

        Livongo for Diabetes for health plan enrollees living with diabetes

        The Livongo for Diabetes program helps make living with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes easier. Once enrolled, eligible participants receive an advanced and connected blood glucose meter, unlimited strips and lancets, insights with every reading and coaches to support you along the way, all at no cost to you. To learn more, check out a short video here.

        The program is completely confidential and offered to employees and dependents living with a diabetes diagnosis and covered under the Assurant health plan. 

        Anthem Blue View Vision Insight Plan for vision plan enrollees

        You have many choices when it comes to using your vision benefits. As a Blue View Vision plan member, you have access to one of the nation’s largest vision networks. You may choose from many private practice doctors, local optical stores, and national retail stores including LensCrafters®, Target Optical® and most Pearle Vision® locations. You may also use your in-network benefits to order eyewear online at and Click here to learn more!